Kru Manop

Kru Manop is one of the highly regarded trainers in the YOKKAO Fight Team. A very experienced trainer that is truly world-class, his knowledge of Muay Thai in all of its aspects is astounding. It will surely benefit any student that he takes on under his wing. Kru Manop is known for his attention to detail, which is why his students will surely benefit from his sharp eyes in spotting mistakes and correcting what they need to improve on. That is on top of the different techniques that he is going to teach them in every class. Plus, there is the added bonus of the many tips and tricks that he will share. He accumulated them from years of training no less than legends like Saenchai, Singdam, and more.

Trainer of Legends

Kru Manop is rightfully one of the top trainers in the YOKKAO Fight Team. He has trained and helped numerous champions and legends be at their best. With his wealth of knowledge, he is able to provide countless tips to Muay Thai fighters and practitioners. With his help, they are able to raise not just the level of their skills, but their overall understanding of Muay Thai as well. Indeed, Kru Manop is an indispensable part of the team and every student can learn much from him.


Kru Manop teaches some of his favorite combos. Each combo is designed to sharpen a fighter’s existing weapons and add new ones to the arsenal. The combos are meant to help overwhelm opponents or sparring partners and also consistently score in the eyes of the judges in competitions.


The sweep is an integral part of Muay Thai. Even though it is a striking art where fighters are standing up, they are also allowed to sweep their opponents to the ground. This happens most commonly during the clinch, although it can also happen during exchanges when the fighters are in the middle of throwing combinations.


Kru Manop teaches some of the best clinch techniques in Muay Thai. He emphasizes the importance of getting into the right position in order to assert dominance over the training partner or opponent. Through his lessons, he is able to teach the effectiveness of the clinch against all types of fighters.

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