Kru Jack Training Pads Course

There are various training tools that you can use to help you get better at Muay Thai.

Aspiring trainers can look at the videos and see how they can improve their training styles. With the help of a master pad holder and trainer like Kru Jack, you can take your Muay Thai game to the next level.

Kru Jack

Kru Petchdam Yokkao or more popularly known as Kru Jack is one of the primary trainers in the YOKKAO Team. Kru Jack has the distinction of being Singdam’s trainer, among other fantastic Nak Muays. Students will learn the tremendous techniques that Kru Kack imparted to Singdam and other top fighters to become great Muay Thai champions. They are sure to benefit from the wealth of skills and knowledge that Kru Jack will be able to impact to them through the course. He has been a fixture of past YOKKAO Seminars, sharing and teaching Muay Thai to participants in various locations. In the recently concluded YOKKAO Muay Thai Seminar in the US, led by Saenchai and Superlek, Kru Jack was supposed to accompany the team. Unfortunately, an injury prevented Kru Jack from being part of the tour. Kru Fasai went the YOKKAO team to the US instead.


Kru Jack teaches the proper way to hold pads for the elbow and knee strikes. He shows the best techniques that are safe for both the fighter and the trainer.


Kicks are among the best weapons in Muay Thai. To help train fighters in delivering the best kicks, Kru Jack shows the right way to hold pads for various kicks.


The pads are one of the best ways to train punches in Muay Thai. Kru Jack showcases the right way to hold pads for different types of punches.