See and hear from some of Muay Thai’s greats how the Muay Thai Fundamentals Techniques in the YOKKAO Training Course will teach the basics to those who want to start their journey in learning the art of 8 limbs!


To those who want to start learning the basics of the art of 8 limbs, our Muay Thai Fundamentals Course is the best place to start! From the proper stance, the proper warm-ups, to the basic moves, you’re going to have a strong and solid foundation as you start your Muay Thai journey.


The fundamentals of Muay Thai are essential, particularly for beginners who are just starting to learn the sport. It teaches them how to execute the most basic techniques properly. It will serve as the foundation for Muay Thai practitioners as they learn more advanced techniques and even develop their own unique style later on.


Punches are essential weapons in Muay Thai and add to the arsenal of fighters and practitioners alike. Those who will enroll in the fundamentals course will get to learn the different types of punches and how to throw the most basic punches and combinations properly. They will be taught the proper form of each punch and how to generate speed and power with each one.


Kicks are among the most effective and devastating weapons in Muay Thai, especially from long-range. The course will teach the different kicks used in Muay Thai as well as the basics of how to throw the different kicks in Muay Thai properly. Practitioners will be taught the proper mechanics of throwing each type of kick.


Knees are close range weapons in Muay Thai. It can be initiated from the clinch or even out of it. In this course, you will learn the different types of knees and how to deliver them properly and effectively.


Elbows are also close range weapons that are destructive and also thrown from close range. When delivered solidly, elbow strikes have the power to end the fight right there and then. Learn the best elbow techniques that will sharpen your Muay Thai game further.


You can't be effective in Muay Thai if you do not know the basics of the clinch. You will get dominated and thrown around or even KO'd if you are clueless in the clinch. The course will teach you the basic tips and tricks to survive and thrive in the clinch.