Aida & Duangdawnoi Looksaikongdin

Aida and Duangdawnoi Looksaikongdin are two of the top female Muay Thai fighters at the moment. Training out of the Looksaikongdin Gym in the Min Buri district, which is located just north of Bangkok. They are trained by their father, Kru Noparit Yohanngo, and they are renowned for using the Muay Mat style of Muay Thai, which is a highly aggressive style that puts a lot of emphasis on punches. This explains the highly exciting style of Aida and Duangdawnoi as well as their brothers and sisters who are also into Muay Thai and Boxing. The Muay Mat style of the sisters will be put on full display as they teach various Muay Thai techniques in the videos in the curriculum. Any aspiring Muay Thai fighter, whether male or female, can learn a lot and incorporate the lessons into their own personal styles.

Muay Thai Queens

Aida and Duangdawnoi are not just two of the most renowned female Muay Thai fighters today, they are also two of the most accomplished. Duangdawnoi, the older of the two, has multiple accolades under her name. She has had a total of 120 fights so far, emerging victorious in 80 of them. Duangdawnoi has also won titles in the WMO, WPMF, and the OPBF and she’s getting even better as she looks forward to more titles.

Aida, on the other hand, has also had some impressive accomplishments in her career so far. She was a three-time gold medalist in amateur Muay Thai competitions and in 20222 she became the first female Muay Thai fighter to ever compete in the iconic Rajadamnern Stadium. Aida is on the rise and will continue to find success in her Muay Thai career. The techniques that they share should help up-and-coming fighters of the sport.


Aida and Duangdawnoi demonstrate some of their favorite Muay Thai combos. They will teach some of their favorite techniques from their arsenal. Each of the combos demonstrates the varied weapons used in Muay Thai and the sisters will break down each one so that students at every level will be able to follow them closely. The combos featured are the ones that they actually utilize in their fights so they are known to be proven and effective.


Elbows are among the most unique and deadly weapons in Muay Thai. In this curriculum, Aida and Duangdawnoi teach some of their favorite elbow techniques. The sisters utilize these techniques when the fight is at close range or as a way to attack while inside the clinch. They show the best and most effective means of delivering different elbow strikes to damage their opponent or even end the fight.


Aida and Duangdawnoi also show off some of their favorite knee techniques. Knees are devastating Muay Thai weapons, particularly at close range, and knowing the proper way to use them increases their effectiveness. The sisters will display the best ways to land knee strikes and also show them as parts of certain combinations. Knee strikes can also end fights in spectacular fashion when they land correctly.